Defcon Quals’16 heapfun4u writeup

Solved by 4rbit3r It was my first attempt at Defcon Qualifiers. Though I couldn't solve many, I managed to solve one and helped in solving some others. So this particular binary is a 64 bit binary with nothing other than NX enabled. But even so, my exploit used a return to shellcode to eventually pop... Continue Reading →


Boston key party’16 Simplecalc

Solved by 4rbit3r. This was my first attempt at BKP and it was a great ctf. Lets get down to the binary. So the binary is  64 bit, statically linked. It has only NX as a protection and nothing else. The binary asks you to enter the number of calculations that you wish to perform.... Continue Reading →

Nuit Du Hack CTF’16 Secure File Reader

Solved by 4rbit3r This question was a pretty good one which made me google a bit. After the CTF was over, I found out that the original intention was to exploit the challenge using a race-condition. You can find the details of that method here:  Secure File Reader Race-condition So the binary is a 32... Continue Reading →

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