Whitehat contest 11 supermarket

Solved by 4rbit3r I wasn't really in a good mood when I found out that the binary was C++ and not C. I'm not very good with those. Getting into the details of the binary, it contains a few classes, some of which are derived from another. Each class has a input function, an output... Continue Reading →


Volatility: A Memory Forensics Framework

Introduction Windows Memory Forensics mainly deals with analysing the memory dump produced by the windows OS when the system crashes.One can create a memory dump by loading a malicious code into the Vm and suspending or can use the following tools 1.Dumpit(This tools produces the memory dump in raw format) The obtained Memory Dump is... Continue Reading →

Google Ctf-a cute stegosaurus(Steg)

This was one of the Interesting and definitely the most time consuming Ctf challenge that I have played .We are given a pcap file named stego.pcap .We opened the pcap file in Wireshark packet Analyser. In packet number four we can find that there is an HTTP object called message.png Hence this image could be obtained... Continue Reading →

Google CTF ’16 – For2

The challenge was to find the flag from the given pcapng file. Then we convert the file into a pcap file using this site. Initially, when we open the file using wireshark we can get to know that its the packet capture of some kind of USB device. On further investigation we found out what... Continue Reading →

ASIS CTF Quals 2016 b00ks Writeup

Solved by 4rbit3r I couldn't solve this problem during the CTF. But really enjoyed it. At first glance, I expected a 150 point pwnable from ASIS CTF to be quite easy, but I was wrong. The binary was 64 bit and had NX, PIE and Full RELRO. There was no canary, although in the end... Continue Reading →

TJCTF Forensics Challenge

for_in_recorded_conversation_25.md In this Challenge we were given a pcap file and the Pcap file contained an Irc conversation.On careful observation we find that the flag is  already in the Irc transfers The flag is already in the pcap file and in this case in all the paragraphs. If you look at the end of the... Continue Reading →

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