SEC-T CTF: G1bs0n Writeup

Solved by sh1v and sherl0ck First of all kudos to the admins for conducting such a great CTF. The challenges were really cool and we had loads of fun solving them. Now getting to this particular challenge, we were given a 326 MB file, which when unpacked, amounted to about 1.1 GB. We were told... Continue Reading →


Adhrit: Android APK Reconnaissance Tool

Introduction: When Android started ruling the mobile markets with millions of applications and open source ROM projects, lot of security issues were tailing the world's largest mobile market dominator. The count of malwares detected has been continually improving on large malware databases. The need of this moment is an approach to tackle this situation which... Continue Reading →

CSAW Quals 2017: Zone Writeup

In this challenge we were given 64 bit, dynamically linked, stripped LSB executable. First let's take a look at the protections enforced on the binary : gdb-peda$ checksec CANARY : ENABLED FORTIFY : disabled NX : ENABLED PIE : disabled RELRO : Partial Okay, so only Canary and NX. Now coming to the binary ,... Continue Reading →

CSAW Quals 2017 Writeup: minesweeper

Solved by sg004 Hello. 🙂 CSAW Quals 2017 was a nice CTF with some good challenges. I liked minesweeper as it was one of them. The program implemented a custom heap and it was fun to reverse and pwn. So let's dive in. This was a dynamically linked ELF 32-bit LSB executable, stripped and packed. Running... Continue Reading →

CSAW Quals 2017 BabyCrypt Writeup

Solved by s0rc3r3r Points: 350 In this challenge, we were given a ciphertext encrypted using AES in ECB mode. In ECB mode, encryption of each plaintext block does not affect the encryption of the next plaintext block. Mostly in challenges, the attack on ciphertexts encrypted using block size mode of encryption works as follows: Mode... Continue Reading →

SEC-T CTF 2017 Expunged Write Up

Solved by 4rbit3r Thanks to the admins for conducting a great CTF. The challenges were really good. The only thing missing were the authors for some challenges who weren't online for the most part of the CTF. But other than that, great CTF. Our team managed to get into the 8th rank which is pretty... Continue Reading →

ASIS Finals 2017 Mrs. Hudson Writeup

Solved by sherl0ck In this challenge, the given binary was a non stripped 64-bit ELF executable. Now, taking a look at the protections enabled : gdb-peda$ checksec CANARY : disabled FORTIFY : disabled NX : disabled PIE : disabled RELRO : Partial So no protections are enabled. That's handy ! The code of this binary is... Continue Reading →

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