Hack.lu CTF : bit Writeup

Solved by sherl0ck For this challenge we were given a 64 bit, stripped ELF binary. The protections enabled were - $ checksec bit CANARY : ENABLED FORTIFY : disabled NX : ENABLED PIE : disabled RELRO : FULL As will be seen, enabling NX and Relro has no effect on the exploit ! The disassembly... Continue Reading →


Hack.lu 2017 Exam Write up

Solved by 4rbit3r This was the first challenge that I attempted from Hack.lu. It was a relatively easy challenge compared to the other higher point challenges. The binary is 64 bit and has the following protections enabled CANARY : ENABLED FORTIFY : disabled NX : ENABLED PIE : ENABLED RELRO : FULL Thankfully, the binary... Continue Reading →

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