CONFidence CTF teaser 2017 Starblind Write up

Solved by 4rbit3r and HRJ. I'll have to admit, it was surprising to get a link to a website for a reverse engineering challenge. It was HRJ who found out that the website was running an encoding functionality using Javascript to encode our input. The input we give is supposed to be 27 characters long.... Continue Reading →


Insomnihack Teaser 2017 Bender_safe Writeup

Solved by 4rbit3r This was the first of a 3 part challenge that contained flags for each part. The first part is a  reversing challenge. The given files are a MIPS-32 bit executable and an emulator for the same. I had to refresh a what was left from my memory on MIPS architecture. And then... Continue Reading →

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