Insomni’hack Teaser 2018 Sapeloshop Writeup

Solved by 4rbit3r I didn't take a look at this challenge until the second day of the CTF. I was stuck on another challenge which we couldn't solve in the end. But I managed to get a shell out of this one. So here's the writeup. The package we download consist of a couple of... Continue Reading →


InCTF 2017: GOSolveMe(200) RE Writeup

  In this challenge we have a 64bit ELF Binary, when we run it, it asks for an integer input. if the input is wrong it prints "Wrong Input." and if it is correct then flag is printed out. So lets run the binary and give some random integer as input. So to view the... Continue Reading →

InCTF 2017- Multi-Layer RSA writeup

Author: s0rc3r3r Points: 100 Intended Solution This is probably the easiest challenge in the Crypto section in InCTF.  The encryption script: As we can see, the encryption is layered, after the message is encrypted using the first public key i.e. first element of 'encryption_keys', the result is then encrypted with the next public key i.e.... Continue Reading →

Plaid CTF 2017: Pykemon Writeup

Solved by HRJ The challenge was great, it had two ways of solving it. We were given website in which we can catch a Pokemon,  rename a Pokemon, see all our Pokemon and buy Pokeball's. These were the functionalities. We were also given the source code of the website which was written using the flask (Link).... Continue Reading →

Hack The Vote Electioneering Write up

Solved by sh!v The challenge at the very first look seemed to be too easy. Using binwalk on the png readily showed a zip file with flag.txt. $ binwalk -e poster.png DECIMAL    HEXADECIMAL    DESCRIPTION --------------------------------------------------------------------- 0                     0x0              ... Continue Reading →

ASIS Finals 2016 p1ng Write up

Solved by sh!v The task was challenging enough. At the first look we know its a png image. Looking a bit more deeply on the image using binwalk showed many .zlib compressed data. $ binwalk p1ng DECIMAL         HEXADECIMAL       DESCRIPTION ------------------------------------------------------------------ 0              ... Continue Reading →

Volatility: A Memory Forensics Framework

Introduction Windows Memory Forensics mainly deals with analysing the memory dump produced by the windows OS when the system crashes.One can create a memory dump by loading a malicious code into the Vm and suspending or can use the following tools 1.Dumpit(This tools produces the memory dump in raw format) The obtained Memory Dump is... Continue Reading →

Google Ctf-a cute stegosaurus(Steg)

This was one of the Interesting and definitely the most time consuming Ctf challenge that I have played .We are given a pcap file named stego.pcap .We opened the pcap file in Wireshark packet Analyser. In packet number four we can find that there is an HTTP object called message.png Hence this image could be obtained... Continue Reading →

TJCTF Forensics Challenge In this Challenge we were given a pcap file and the Pcap file contained an Irc conversation.On careful observation we find that the flag is  already in the Irc transfers The flag is already in the pcap file and in this case in all the paragraphs. If you look at the end of the... Continue Reading →

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