VolgaCTF quals 19 – JAC II writeup

This challenge was solved by @R3x and @d3xt3r during the CTF. Writeup by @R3x The challenge has two files - an Linux 64 bit executable and a encrypted file. Reversing the executable Running the executable we notice that it takes two command line arguments. The first argument is the input file and the second is... Continue Reading →


VolgaCTF quals 19 – TrustedVM writeup

This challenge was solved by @R3x and @sherl0ck. This writeup is written by @R3x. The challenge binary was slightly obfuscated. On reversing it we found that the algorithm for encryption was as such. The VM loads a key from the program it's running. The input file is divided into 64 bit blocks Each blocked with the... Continue Reading →

CONFidence CTF – p4fmt Write-up

Solved by @slashb4sh, @sherl0ck, and @night_f0x This weekend had a couple of really good CTF's, iCTF and Teaser CONFidence CTF, and our team had loads of fun playing them. In the Teaser CONFidence CTF, there was this really fun kernel challenge which is extremely beginner friendly. This was also the first time me and sl4shb4sh took... Continue Reading →

InCTF 2017- Multi-Layer RSA writeup

Author: s0rc3r3r Points: 100 Intended Solution This is probably the easiest challenge in the Crypto section in InCTF.  The encryption script: As we can see, the encryption is layered, after the message is encrypted using the first public key i.e. first element of 'encryption_keys', the result is then encrypted with the next public key i.e.... Continue Reading →

Plaid CTF 2017: Pykemon Writeup

Solved by HRJ The challenge was great, it had two ways of solving it. We were given website in which we can catch a Pokemon,  rename a Pokemon, see all our Pokemon and buy Pokeball's. These were the functionalities. We were also given the source code of the website which was written using the flask (Link).... Continue Reading →

Hack The Vote Electioneering Write up

Solved by sh!v The challenge at the very first look seemed to be too easy. Using binwalk on the png readily showed a zip file with flag.txt. $ binwalk -e poster.png DECIMAL    HEXADECIMAL    DESCRIPTION --------------------------------------------------------------------- 0                     0x0              ... Continue Reading →

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