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  • Bithin Alangot:
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Doing PhD in Cybersecurity at Amrita Center for Cybersecurity Systems and Networks has completed his masters in Computer Science in the year 2012 from Amrita University. Bithin as a part of team bi0s has participated in various CTF competition and has brought many laurels to Amrita university. He has also been to Moscow, Russia to participate PhDays CTF as a part of team bi0s. Team bi0s was the only India team to be selected for the CTF. He worked at Storage Systems Research Center, University of California, Santa Cruz, US with Dr. Darrell Long.

He is specialized in Web Application Security and has also interest in distributed systems

  • Seshagiri Prabhu:

    Binary exploitation enthusiast


  • Sreepriya C:

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I am a master student in computer security and privacy currently doing my second year at Technical University, Berlin.

I am passionate about the security aspects of softwares. I like reading large code bases, and playing around with finding vulnerabilities and writing exploits .

I recently developed a wireless keylogger using arduino that could sniff keystrokes wirelessly.

I also like to contribute to open source technologies. I had made contributions to Python, Mozilla, and Trojitha.

I am passionate about working in a team on business ideas, learning about Start ups in general, and how technology can be used for commercial applications. I take part in start up meets, to listen to new ideas and their experiences.

I also got started with Capture The Flag style hacking contests to improve my hacking skills.

I take part in CTF contests with team bi0s.

I blog at


  • Varrun Ramani:

    Varrun graduated with a Masters in CS from Stony Brook University and Bachelors in CS from Amrita University. One of the earlier members of the team bi0s, he helped write the first version of the contest portal for the InCTF contest conducted yearly by Amrita. After graduation, he spent a couple of years identifying and mitigating security vulnerabilities as a security engineer at VMware . These days, he spends his time securing identity in the cloud at Okta, a San Francisco based cloud security startup. In his free time, he likes to spend his time backpacking to remote destinations and hiking in some wilderness or the other.

  • Savita Seetaraman:

    Savita Seetaraman did her Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering at Amrita School of Engineering, Amritapuri in the batch 2010 – 2014. During her stint as a bi0s team member, she focused on binary exploitation techniques like buffer overflows and format string vulnerabilities. Later she got an opportunity to do an internship at the Computer Security Centre at CERN labs, Geneva. She is currently pursuing her masters in computer science (with a specialization in Security and Privacy) at Saarland University, Germany.


  • Rakesh Paruchuri

             Binary exploitation enthusiast

  • Sairam Sadineni

             Cryptography enthusiast


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